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ESG Consultant

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About the Role

As an ESG Consultant at Continuiti Solutions, you will lead the charge in guiding our clients toward sustainable and responsible business practices. Your expertise in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, combined with your strategic insights, will help organizations align their operations with global sustainability goals and ethical standards. Join us to drive positive impact and make sustainability a cornerstone of business success.


  • Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies, Sustainability, Business, or a related field. Master's degree is a plus.

  • Minimum of 4-6 years of experience in sustainability, ESG consulting, or related roles.

  • In-depth understanding of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, frameworks, and reporting standards.

  • Strong analytical skills to assess ESG practices, identify opportunities, and measure impact.

  • Excellent communication skills to interact with clients, internal teams, and stakeholders.

  • Experience in developing and implementing ESG strategies, goals, and metrics.

  • Proficiency in ESG reporting frameworks such as GRI, SASB, or TCFD.

  • Detail-oriented mindset with the ability to manage multiple ESG projects simultaneously.

  • Knowledge of industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements related to ESG.

  • Collaborative attitude and the ability to work effectively within cross-functional teams.

  • Professional certifications such as Certified ESG Practitioner or CSR Professional are advantageous.

  • Commitment to staying updated on industry developments and best practices in sustainability and ESG.

About Us

At Continuiti Solutions, we believe in shaping a more sustainable and responsible business landscape. If you're ready to use your ESG expertise to drive positive change and help organizations make a lasting impact, we encourage you to apply for the ESG Consultant role. Join us in making sustainability a core element of business success.

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